Here are some common questions about our products and services.

Basic Information

What is your policy regarding information I give you?

Fitzwater Furniture is committed to the privacy of our customers. Any information collected by Fitzwater Furniture will not be provided to a third party individual or company. Customers on our mailing list may receive periodic mailers of special events. In the course of mailers, a customer’s address may be provided to a company distributing the mailer. This mailing company is restricted from using any address beyond its intended purpose.

What are your store hours?
Monday-Saturday 10:00-5:00
How do I contact you?
Contact us with any questions the following ways! Call us at 301-334-2612. Fax us at 301-334-6080, Contact us on our contact page or email us directly at info@fitzwaterfurniture.com.
Directions to Fitzwater Furniture?

Fitzwater Furniture is conveniently located in the middle of Garrett County. We are two miles east of Oakland and ten minutes from Deep Creek Lake. We are less than thirty miles from Canaan Valley. Click here for more specific directions.


Will Fitzwater Furniture remove my old mattress, sofa, chair, etc.?
We will be pleased to remove your old, like-items that you are replacing at the time of delivery, for a nominal charge. Please let us know at the time of your purchase that you wish for these items to be removed. This will allow us to properly plan the necessary time to meet your needs. Remember, we are only able to remove “like” items. For example, we could arrange to remove your current sofa, in order to make room for your new sofa.
What will be the cost for my delivery?

Deliveries are available for a reasonable charge. Charges vary based on your location. Local deliveries (within a 20 mile radius) start at $129.95. Your furniture will be set up in your home by our trained, professional delivery staff. Please allow for a clear pathway from the entrance to the room in which the furniture or mattress will be placed. Rooms must be cleared in preparation for your delivery. Our drivers cannot remove or move existing furniture or electronic items. Our delivery staff will call to verify your delivery prior to your scheduled date.

What is the Express Delivery policy?
All in stock items are available for delivery within a few days if delivery is to our local delivery area. See store for details.
How do you handle buildings, complexes and elevators?
Most apartment buildings and complexes have certain delivery time and elevator restrictions. Please let us know if there are building restrictions when scheduling your delivery.
What is your delivery area?
Our regular delivery area includes Western Maryland and Eastern West Virginia. Our staff is also able to accommodate deliveries to areas such as the Baltimore and Washington beltway, Northern Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Feel free to inquire about our special delivery pricing to these areas.
What are the benefits of having furniture delivered?
With a delivery from Fitzwater Furniture, you may rest assured that your furniture will be completely assembled and placed into your home. Our customers tell us that they enjoy knowing that their new furniture is well cared for and arrives in excellent condition.
Is Pickup Available?
Pickups are available. If you choose to pick up your own products, they may be boxed and need assembled. Also, you may waive some of the critical warranty benefits. We will assist you with the safe loading of your order. Please bring an appropriate sized vehicle with pads and securing ties. Please present a photo ID when picking up your merchandise. Buyer assumes all risks associated with transportation of merchandise picked up.


How long will it take to get my furniture?

If it’s in stock you may receive it as soon as the next available delivery day. We make delivery easy for you!

How long does special order furniture take to arrive?
Special orders typically arrive sometime between 10 – 12 weeks from the date of purchase.

Selecting Furniture & Furniture Information

Can I purchase this sofa in a different fabric?
Most of our sofas come in hundreds of fabric covers.
How do I tell if the furniture I’m buying is good quality?
Open drawers and look for signs of quality, such as construction technique and joint assembly. Joint techniques like dovetailing, or dowelling are superior to others. Slide drawers in and out to determine their fit, and safety function like drawer stops. Test the piece for stability – well manufactured products are rigid, and sturdiest in areas receiving the most stress or bearing the most weight. Finally, inspect the composition and finish – is it solid wood, laminate, or is it veneer, and what kind of finish and sealant completes the piece. Do a full, top to bottom inspection of the product.
What’s the difference between solid wood, veneer and laminate?
Solid Hardwood means the grain of the lumber will carry through the core. Solid hardwood allows for pieces to be carved or lathe-turned, offering more detail in the wood’s presentation. Hardwood Veneers are thin slices of wood, bonded to another composite wood product like plywood or particle board. Laminates are a printed imitation hardwood surface that is applied to usually a composite wood product like particle board. This simulated wood grain or other pattern is reproduced out of paper, plastic or foil and then bonded to the base product. Because laminating is a surface treatment, this process doesn’t allow for any carving or detailing in the finish and is typically more simple in appearance.
What is the difference between softwoods and hardwood?
Softwoods, such as pine, spruce and fir are from coniferous (needle bearing) trees, and are picked for their casual earthly appearance. Hardwoods such as, oak, maple, and ash come from deciduous (leaf bearing) trees, and have been used throughout history for the finest furniture and architectural detail. Most hardwoods are stronger and are less likely to dent than softwoods. Hardwoods are generally used in the construction of upholstery frames to secure nails and screws in high impact areas.

Purchasing & Financing

What type of payments are accepted?
For your convenience, we accept cash, your personal check, Visa and MasterCard.
What type of payment do you require at the time of purchase?
We ask for a fifty percent deposit at the time of purchase, with final payment being due at the time of delivery.
What is your cancellation and return policy?
Any returns, exchanges, or cancellations are subject to seller’s approval and must take place within two days. A minimum re-stocking fee of 20% will be applied. No returns or refunds on special orders.

Warranty & Repair

What if a problem occurs after one year from making the original purchase from Fitzwater Furniture?
The manufacturer’s warranty dictates how long and what parts of furniture are covered. This varies depending on the manufacturer. We ask you to consult the manufacturer’s warranty for specific details.
Do you repair furniture that is out of warranty?
We repair any goods that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Once the item is out of warranty, we are no longer able to provide service.
Do you repair furniture bought form another store?
We regret that we may only provide service on furniture which was originally purchased at Fitzwater Furniture.
What do I do if my furniture is damaged?
The first thing to do is to notify our Service Department within 3 days of delivery. Detailed information can be found on your sales ticket.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions you may have, please write us at info@fitzwaterfurniture.com or call us (301) 334-2612